Zander: Journey to the center of the Idea

AGENCY: Tres Tercios

Zander is an animated stop-motion TV series, that tells the story of Mila, Leo, and Zander, a curious robot created by his two friends in their secret Club. Every episode is inspired by a question that the characters have about what it means to be human, sending them on fantastic quests that will take them to new and amazing enigmas.
I was tasked with the character design of the main chractera, which was really challenging since this was my first time designing a character that would ultimately become a puppet. I had to design the pieces overlapping the internal skeleton, and work around mechanisms for their eyelids, changing faceplates for expressions, and different materials for hair and clothing, trying to maintain that cartoony appeal of my firsts 2D designs.

Tres Tercios

Writers & Creators

Stefania Malacchini

María Luisa Furche


Enrique Ortega

Executive Producers

Allan Bortnic

Pablo Arias Daud

Art Director

Hugo Covarrubias

Animation Director

Matías Delgado

Character Design

Felo Lira



Manada FX

Compositing & Editing

Enrique Ortega

Color Grading

Gigante Azul

Voice Actors

Camila Paris

Javiera Astudillo

Lucía Suárez

Sound & VFX

Castillo Subterraneo


Ricardo Rojas